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Mrs. Maria Omiagbo ( Member )


Mrs. Maria Aikhesiala Omiagbo is a seasoned administrator of personnel, resources, situations and events.
She was recognised as 
the most successful entrepreneur in 2012 by SMEDAN after establishing award winning 
bakery – Bon Bread. 
Mrs. Omiagbo has an MBA Degree (Human 
Relations), a BA in English, a Diploma in Mass Communication and a Certificate in 
Entrepreneurial Management from the EDC at the Lagos Business School.
"As a mother, wife and CEO, I have broken grounds in a competitive market such as the food and beverage industry by creating a food chain consisting of production line and  distribution services," she enthused."Delivery of set goals at the shortest possible time, sales and marketing, business 
administration, customer relations, accounting, effective communication, use of various software including Microsoft packages, managing government relations and 
partnerships, project management, managing staff."